New Ventures

Innovation and independent literary production are at the heart of the LARB Publishing Workshop.

Here are some of the projects Workshop Fellows have launched with the support of the LARB Publishing Workshop:

BookSwell is dedicated to growing the literary community by supporting a vibrant and thriving culture of live events and online content. We offer readers a service that helps them get plugged in to what’s happening in their area and to discover books and authors they love. For the moment, BookSwell is focused solely on the Los Angeles scene. In the coming years, we plan to expand to other markets in California and beyond.

CAPER™, The Convergent Arts Platform, is a unified web-based platform dedicated to revolutionizing the arts through the convergence of fields and the collaboration of diverse artists. Innovation in artistic expression arises from the collision of ideas. CAPER™ seeks to foster this innovation by encouraging artists to think differently and inventively about the means to their artistic ends.

Chatos Inhumanos is a non-profit bilingual publishing house based in New York that publishes contemporary Latinx and Hispanic authors who address the coexistence between their cultural origins and their life in the United States. All the books we publish are available in both Spanish and English with the aim of reducing the language barrier through texts.

Because Latinx and Hispanic works of literature are systematically underrepresented in the United States, Chatos Inhumanos aims to create a space that helps highlight ideas and creations that are essential to the richness and diversity of American culture.

Commoner is a bilingual print and digital magazine of arts, culture, theory, and politics, dedicated to the liberation of all commoners and the renaissance of the commons.

Dream Another Dream: The Nora Ephron Literary Festival & Conference is an immersive event designed to bring readers, writers, mentors, and dreamers together in honor of the late, great, Nora Ephron, the three-time academy award-nominated screenwriter, director, bestselling author and essayist.

Gayettes is a magazine for queer femmes that explores the many representations of femmes, queerness, and the spectral shapes of those not yet imagined.

Based in Los Angeles, J.T. The L.A. Storyteller has published social commentary and local history for L.A. since 2014. Articles published include opinions on education at L.A. schools, on L.A. Metro planning, on housing and small business in the city, L.A. books and more. J.T. The L.A. Storyteller also publishes a weekly podcast, and organizes to bring literary arts and communities together in the LA City College area and throughout Los Angeles.

Kheiro is an online magazine founded to champion liberal ideals of freedom and equality in response to growing anti-democratic and isolationist ideology worldwide. Named in honor of the voting method used in the world's first popular assembly in ancient Athens, our mission is two-fold: to examine this "anti-liberal" phenomenon, and to propose solutions developed through a multi-disciplinary, international perspective. Kheiro is based on both sides of the Atlantic and is a proud partner of, a news round-up curated by women editors from top media brands in Europe.

Taller California is a small press & printing workshop located in the San Diego-Tijuana region. It publishes vibrant artist books that engage with the border as a sociopolitical place and as a liminal and creative space. It is committed to hybrid forms and multilingualism. Taller California’s collaborative, feminist, and experimental ethos creates new modes of production and distribution of printed matter and books.  'Taller' [t̪aˈʝeɾ] means 'workshop'.

The Los Angeles Press publishes the best in emerging art, literature, and political discourse, from Southern California and the West. It is committed to uplifting and focusing on Voices Yet Heard, including Women, POC, LGBTQ+, and traditionally under-represented and marginalized artists and writers. The Los Angeles Press is a Print and Online Publishing House & Imprint, introduced by The Los Angeles Review of Books and the LARB Publishing Cohort. It is devoted to community engagement, and to the pursuit of social, economic, and environmental justice.
The Minority Youth Writers Lab is a literary non-profit specializing in the academic and creative advancement of young minority writers. MYWL places young minority writers in a professional environment that resembles both a college classroom and a “micro” writers room in order to promote the visibility of diverse talent within both the traditional academy and larger creative industries.
Pinniped Press will publish picture books for children ages 3-8 that champion our values of curiosity in all things, scientific literacy and arts education, and building empathy through broadly diverse voices. We have a distinctly west-coast perspective and global sensibility. Multimedia development is a core strategy with Pinniped to ensure our stories can be experienced by as many families with as few barriers to entry as possible. Pinniped is open to submissions and development ideas.

Founded in 2018, Podcast Review is an online magazine featuring in-depth podcast reviews and interviews with prominent radiomakers.

PLEXUS is a network; it is a web. PLEXUS collects stories from various corners of the literary and artistic world and focuses the conversation around one theme per issue in order to create a space for unexpected connections. The theme of its inaugural issue is: technology/emotion.

Sedimenta is an independent, bi-annual journal and publishing platform based in Chicago and Pittsburgh. Unfolding through dispatches and collaborations, the ongoing project de-stratifies traditional disciplinary boundaries through conversations, essays, reviews, and, in the future, online exhibitions, artist talks, and more. Surfacing from a misreading of a word split between two lines, Sedimenta investigates artistic and scholarly practices belonging to the Earth and its metabolic, cultural processes.

Soap Ear is a Los Angeles-based publication that serves the city’s musical extremities — the critics, outsiders, experimenters, dreamers, academics, sound artists, and concrete poets who will also be regular contributors to this platform. Published four times a year, Soap Ear features and critiques musical objects (pieces, shows, or installations) that touch or disrupt our editors’ creative vision. Covering shows, installations, and new music releases, Soap Ear also publishes mixtapes, artist interviews, essays, scores, poetry, and anything else that fits.

Tint – The ESL Writers Journal is the first literary journal with an explicit focus on writers who produce creative texts in English as their second or non-native language. By deliberately choosing English as their creative voice, non-native English writers have the ability to bridge borders and blend cultures without the third party of the translator. Yet, standing behind the uniquely modifying quality of their writing—their tint—is anything but easy. Tint wants to create a platform to illuminate the capabilities and idiosyncrasies of emerging and established ESL writers.