Workshop Fellows work individually with advisors and collaboratively with their cohort on a real-world project. Here are few projects from 2017 Fellows are working on.


L.A.’s literary calendar and community hub

BookSwell is dedicated to growing the literary community by supporting a vibrant and thriving culture of live events and online content. We offer readers a service that helps them get plugged into what’s happening in their area and to discover books and authors they love.

For the moment, BookSwell is focused solely on the Los Angeles scene. In the coming years, we plan to expand to other markets in California and beyond.

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The Podcast Review

Podcast reviews and creator interviews

Podcast Review is a newly founded website dedicated to reviewing podcasts and interviewing their creators. We hope to build a home for the thoughtful discussion of podcasts.

We are a proud channel of the Los Angeles Review of Books.

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Soap Ear

A quarterly music and sound art review

Soap Ear is a Los Angeles-based publication that serves the city’s musical extremities— the critics, outsiders, experimenters, dreamers, academics, sound artists, and concrete poets who will also be regular contributors to the platform. Published four times a year, each issue of Soap Ear features and critiques musical objects (pieces, shows or installations) that touch or disrupt the editors’ creative vision. Covering shows, installations, and new music releases, Soap Ear also publishes mixtapes, artist interviews, essays, scores, poetry and anything else that fits. While honing in on Los Angeles and Southern California venues and record labels, Soap Ear honors the spirit of our globalized era, surveying musicians from New York, Tokyo and elsewhere. Still, its core mission will be to explore musical activity and ideas that fuel Los Angeles proper and fan out from here to the rest of the world.

The voices Soap Ear publishes will walk the line between the scholar and the enthusiast, will respect both the expert’s depth and the fan’s informal devotion. Through the pages of Soap Ear, we hope to forge connections between sonic experimenters, thinkers, and listeners.

Contemporary artists in Los Angeles are composing and performing pieces that question why and how music is made. Soap Ear seeks work that queries elements such as the materiality of sound, music’s social functions and contexts, and the domain of specific traditions, technologies, forms, and techniques. We can document these gestures and bring them into broader discourses about music and performance at the present moment in our present city.

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