The Workshop


I walked away from the program with professional connections and lifelong friends.

– Glynn Pogue, Brooklyn, NY

Publishing was for a long time a hidebound, risk-averse industry. Today, it is undergoing a momentous revolution, unlike anything it has witnessed since the invention of movable type.

The Los Angeles Review of Books / USC Publishing Workshop is designed to prepare our Publishing Fellows to join this evolving world, and to work with them to build the publishing industry of the future. During the five-week summer program in Los Angeles, Fellows work with the most forward-thinking people in publishing and digital culture, gaining the training and hands-on experience needed to thrive in this competitive field. By bringing the most innovative entrepreneurs, professionals, and thinkers to work with participants, the Workshop will ready new, diverse professionals who will be the builders of publishing companies and platforms of the future.

The Workshop gives participants a foundation in both traditional and innovative platforms, offering lectures, seminars, and practical instruction in book, magazine, and online editing; digital and print publishing; SEO and audience metrics; and the financial and business side of publishing. Participants learn from experts specializing in various aspects of the publishing industry, including editors, art directors, book historians, literary agents, marketing professionals, published writers, web coders, developers, and digital innovators — people at the forefront of thinking of the future of reading in all its material, social, and technological aspects.

The program goes well beyond classroom experience and gives each Fellow an opportunity to work on a real-world project. Every Fellow joins a practicum cohort, working to help build a website, create a print journal, or develop a business plan for a publishing house or related business. These projects — a number incubated in 2017 have already launched — will be the participants’ main calling card as they move into their careers: evidence of accomplishment beyond completing the program.

Before the program starts, Workshop Faculty will be in touch with accepted Fellows about any entrepreneurial projects they would like to pursue and, after choosing a number of such projects, will help staff and develop them.

We offer a large number of tuition-free and reduced tuition scholarships — making the program affordable for all qualified applicants. By increasing accessibility to people with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, we can have a profound impact on the future of publishing — and thus a profound impact on our culture itself.

The Workshop faculty and staff are dedicated to providing the tools and networks needed to help Fellows move into internships or entry-level positions, and launch their own entrepreneurial publishing ventures.

Through the workshop, I finally felt like I was in the right place at the right time.

– Sarah Parker, Los Angeles, CA