Program Overview

I walked away from the program with professional connections and lifelong friends.

- Glynn Pogue, Brooklyn, NY

Through the workshop, I finally felt like I was in the right place at the right time.

- Sarah Parker, Los Angeles, CA

Today, how we tell our stories matters more than ever. The platforms we use, the audiences we reach, and the shape of the ideas we share are revolutionizing the publishing industry. The LARB Publishing Workshop prepares our Fellows to enter this evolving landscape. Our goal is to build the future of publishing, student by student, idea by idea, innovation by innovation.

During an intensive five-week summer program, Workshop Fellows will work with industry professionals who are at the top of their fields and leading transformations in traditional and digital publishing. Through lectures, seminars, and practical instruction, Fellows will learn the foundations of book, magazine, and online editing and production, digital and print publishing, and the financial and business aspects of the industry. The Publishing Workshop also offers skills-based workshops with editors, art directors, web designers, marketing professionals, and specialized tracks for hands-on experience with book and magazine production.

While the mornings are generally dedicated to lectures, workshops, and one-on-one sessions with visiting speakers from all areas of the publishing industry, Fellows will spend most afternoons gaining practical, hands-on experience as well in our Magazine Track and Book Tracks. Fellows in the Magazine Track will spend five weeks producing and publishing an issue of PubLab, the official online journal of the LARB Publishing Workshop and a LARB Channel. Afternoon sessions led by the LARB editorial team and occasional guest lecturers will offer training in skills such as organizing a masthead; assembling editorial and production calendars; the fundamentals of developmental editing, copy editing, fact checking, and proofreading; CMS and WordPress basics; art direction and image copyrights; and more.

Fellows who are interested in understanding the fundamentals of book production and starting a press may choose to join the Book Track, instead. Fellows in the Book Track will have the opportunity to layout, design, and digitally publish a book from start to finish, as well as learn the basics of founding and running a small press from LARB staff and guest speakers. Sessions will include tailored seminars on Adobe InDesign, book production, electronic and print publication, marketing and promotion, and an introduction to the fundamentals of founding and running a book press. We welcome Fellows in either track to submit original writing for publication in PubLab.

Unlike comparable programs, LARB, through the generous support of donors, readers, and institutional partners, offers many need-based full and partial tuition scholarships, making the program affordable for all qualified applicants. By increasing accessibility for people with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, we believe we can have a profound impact on the future of publishing — and thus a profound impact on our culture itself.